WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME TO BUY OR SELL A HOUSE? If you have to sell a home due to job transfer,divorce, down-sizing or up-sizing, then NOW is the right time. Remember any money you gain or loose on the sale side, you should make up on the buy side. Your home should be a place of enjoyment, not stess.  An old real estate motto is "the stress you will have selling your home for less than for what you thought it should sell is a whole lot less stress than making mortgage payments month after month, after you didn't take an offer." 

WHO SHOULD I USE AS MY REAL ESTATE AGENT?  A Real Estate Agent is a licensed professional. Someone who has passed a test. You should look for someone who is experienced, works full time and has commited themselves to their career by achieving top levels of excellence as evidenced by advanced designations. Even when I look to refer an agent out of state, I always look at how many designations they have.   

WHAT DO I DO? MY SISTER-IN-LAW/FRIEND IS A real estate agent Choose the best person for the job. I understand that we all have many real estate agent friends, interview them all, interview others and make a decision based on who can get the job done the best.  

WHEN SHOULD I START THE PROCESS? In this market, I suggest 6 months to start planning to sell or buy a home. This seems like a long lead time, but when selling a home, I want you to be able to present the house in A+ condition, cleaned, decluttered and show condition. When buying a home, there might be credit issues that can be repaired, approval delays and lots of research and comparisons being made.

HOW DO I KNOW HOW TO PRICE THE HOUSE? This is where a professional comes in. Foreclosures & short sales are being calculated in the averages by appraisals now. This can bring down your home appraised value.  It doesn't matter what you THINK a home can be sold for. It depends on facts and statistics. Don't shoot the messenger, this is the way real estate is done, right now.

HOW WILL I KNOW WHAT I CAN AFFORD? Great question for a lender. I strongly suggest you use a local lender. The local lender will use a local appraiser. not an appraiser coming to Boulder County from Pueblo. Please talk to me about the importance of local lender.  

WHEN WILL WE HIT BOTTOM  IN THE MARKET?  Not to be glib, but when the market starts to come back up, is when you know you hit bottom. Interest rates have been at a record low. If you haven't bought a home already and are reading this website, then you may have missed the incredible low interest rates.  But homes are still lower than in height of the market in 2006.  If you need to buy or sell, lets talk about your particular issues.

Realtor on the rise

WHY IS SPIRO REALTY GROUP DIFFERENT?  I started Spiro Realty Group because I wanted more for my clients. I can expand or contract my group, I change the vendors to fit your needs and I can ask for help from my nationwide real estate connections. The real estate industry changed due to economic and technological factors. You deserve this new technology and I feel the changes must be incorporated into a new way of doing business.  In 2008, I was named one of 50 real estate agents, Nationally, in the "Top 50 REALTORS ON THE RISE" because I have always thought outside the box for marketing. Use my expertise for your next transaction. You will see the difference.

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