Here are some things that you can expect when selling your home?

Remember selling a home is a numbers game. We need as many people to go through the house as possible. 


  1. Every showing is not an offer. I know, emotions are up and down during this time (will this be the one?).  Buyers are viewing 3-4 times as many houses as they did in previous years. This means your home may be shown over and over without an offer. Remember our goal!
  2. Some agents schedule appointments and don't call to cancel even if they don't show the home. I have no control over this. It is the nature of the system. The buyer may have found the perfect home at the showing prior to yours.
  3. Agents may be late. It is hard to guess how long  it takes a buyer to view the 4 houses before yours. The agent is estimating the time frame and most are very respectful of your time. Every so often an agent will show up after the appointed time. If you can, allow the showing. Remember our goal!
  4. Yes, you do have to keep your home cleaned and clutter free daily! There are the agents who drive by your home with clients and might decide to show your home, immediately because they are in the neighborhood. They will call and schedule a showing as they are sitting in your driveway. If you are not home, allow the showing. If you are home and really can't allow a showing, then ask them if there is another time. Remeber our goal!
  5. The buyer's agent may try to renegotiate the price of the home several times. At the original offer, during the inspection resolution time, after the appraisal, if the appraisal comes in lower than the contract price, and most commonly after the walk through if the house is not clean.
  6. Prior to the inspection, please do the following things: 
        Disconnect any computers. The inspectors may pull out the plugs for some reason and you don't want to  lose any unsaved material.
       The inspector will run the dishwasher, the washer/dryer or any appliance that is being left with the home. 
       When the inspection is finished, check your hot water heater or anything that has a pilot light that might have been turned off.
       Check that the oven is not left on, or heat turned way up or down!
  7. Do not be in the house during any showing or inspection. Excuse yourself if you happen to be home and take a walk.
  8. During a showing, a light may be left on, a door may be left open or closed inadvertenly. Know the lock box code for an extra key, to get into the house if you get locked out because a garage door was locked.
  9. If you have pets that must be left in certain rooms...label the door that a dog/cat is inside.  If you have dog(s) it is preferable to have them away from the house as often as possible. Some buyers are afraid or distracted by dogs.
  10. Please plan to have your home spotless for the closing. Lots of  money is left at the closing table due to poorly cleaned homes. Go out of your way to make exceed the buyer's expectations even if the contract does not call for professional cleaning. No not leave personal items. If you have to leave trash, make sure it is minimal and that I know about it prior to closing.
  11. Clean all pet droppings in the yard, if applicable.
  12. Shovel the walks/driveways, if applicable, for the day of closing.
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