Here are some things that you might expect when you are buying a home:

  1. You might find the "perfect home" on the first day. Don't be surprised! If we've spent enough time talking about your wants and needs, my goal is to identify the perfect house on the first or second trip. If you find the perfect house...put an offer in. Don't wait, because it may be gone when you come back.
  2. Tell me if you have pet allergies so I can determine if the home is right for you due to pet restrictions.
  3. The seller may not allow showings on certain days.
  4. Once you have the house under contract, it is normal to have buyer's remorse. We can revisit the home to make sure this is or is not the right house. It is common to feel doubt!
  5. Know your numbers. Know what you can afford and share that with me. I won't show you homes about the amount for which you qualify.
  6. If you go on your own to open houses...tell the Agent hosting the home that you have another agent and give her my name.
  7. During inspection is NOT the time to re-negotiate the price of the home. Please make sure you are sure of the price you want to offer prior to us writing an offer. The inspection is a time to find things that a regular untrained person wouldn't know. Things like the roof or furnace being defective, the electrical box not being adequate, etc.
  8. The house may not be empty at closing. In some rare contracts the seller won't be moving out till after the closing. We will deal with that on a case by case basis.
  9. You don't remember the room sizes or locations of things. These are common occurances. Not to worry, we can revisit the home,  measure and photograph.
  10. I will ask you to take photos of appliances in that are being left in the home. It is just a precaution, but I want to make sure there are no switched appliances after we write a contract.
  11. Moving day is exhausting! This is a given. If you are relocating from near or far, this is a hectic day. Try to remember to pack IN YOUR CAR food to nibble on and all medications that might be necessary during the day. If you are moving with children, keep favorite toys handy! Pets? Bring extra treats & dog food in your car.
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