I I just could not have said this better! It is all so true..


  1. Declutter. Declutter and declutter again.  You have to pack up anyway.
  2. Random exercise equipment should not be in living space.
  3. Hide evidence you own pets. or make it neat.  Chew toys all over are clutter.
  4. Leave house during showings.
  5. Think carefully before rejecting the first offer. Often that is the best offer you will get. Use me to help analyze the merits of the offer.
  6. Don't take a low ball offer personally. There are plenty of people who are listening to the national media and think all sellers are desparate. It is not personal, it is a game for some buyers/investors.
  7. Change or clean everything in the house that is worn/dirty. This is not the DIY buyers anymore. Buyers cannot imagine changing carpets.
  8. First impressions are very important. Clean up from the curb to the back yard. Trim paint, front door should be in great condition.li>
  9. AlAll treasured personal belongings should be put away. Religious items, collections.
  10. Enhance the light in each room. Hi wattage light bulbs, remove heavy drapes, paint dark paneling, remove old wallpaper.li>
  11. Fix what is broken. Example: If you fix the dripping faucet it may cost $80.00. If the inspector finds a dripping faucet, the buyer will look at high end replacement, add some money for a plumber, and it may be a $300.00 inspection item.
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