SPIRO REALTY GROUP was created in 2010. The full service real estate office serves the Boulder to Denver regions of Colorado.  Owner/broker Peggy Spiro, has been a real estate agent for over 27 years in both New York & Colorado.  As an agent with ReMax for over 7 years, Peggy has seen the pros and cons of the big company vs. the independent real estate company. Here are a few unique facets of SPIRO REALTY GROUP.

For home sellers: The company is customized to your specific real estate needs.  Having a long history with marketing, Peggy finds that each marketing expert has their strengths and weaknesses. Using free-lance marketing experts as needed brings a fresh customized approach to your unique home. 

With nine years of real estate marketing experience, Peggy brings a new approach to each property. Analyzing the scope of the project, the probably buyer of your home and the customized marketing plan for your home. Peggy's practicality shows through saving you money and time when selling your home. Thinking of how disruptive cleaning and straightening can be for "no show" buyers.  Talk to Peggy regarding some practical tips on showing your home.

For home buyers: Peggy is determined to find you the home you want. She coined the expression "wow factor" when searching for a home.  After an in-depth interview, Peggy will search for homes that MOST MATCH your requirements.  Every house has a "wow factor" and you will know the house when you see it.


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