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What Is a Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist?


This is a certification that encompasses legal & accounting issues that arise during a divorce.  This certification gives a solid foundation of what possible scenarios could happen while selling assets such as real estate. It is not a replacement of an attorney or financial planner. 


How Peggy Spiro works as a Real Estate Divorce Specialist:


I worked with the Fisher Divorce Recovery program for two years, assisting dozens of people in the emotional side of ending a relationship or marriage.  The experience I gained during these two years was so valuable coupled with the legal and accounting program in the Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist program.


I have been working as a real estate divorce specialist for nine years, helping dozens of divorcing home buyers and sellers during a stressful time.  I understand the potential areas of concern for both parties in the divorce process. I work hard to reduce any added stress and am sensitive to the situation.  My experience has served me very well in this area.


I am well acquainted with working with family law attorneys. I use my day to day experience with settlement agreements to suggest alternatives to attorneys in these changing times in real estate. 


Sometimes with home buyers, emotion overshadows logic. I work to be the logic in the process, pointing out that what a buyer may be feeling right now, is not permanent and to look to the future so that the house choice is viable in three years.  
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